Frequently Asked Questions

What problem areas are covered in the PWEBS database?

The problem areas of Anxiety, Attention Problems, Autism Spectrum, Depression, Disruptive Behavior, Eating, Elimination, Mania, Psychosis, Substance Use, Suicidality, and Traumatic Stress are currently included.

PracticeWise is continually coding the literature and adding to problem area coverage.

Will you be compiling the common elements of family-focused evidence-based models such as Functional Family Therapy, Multi-Systemic Family Therapy, Brief Strategic Family Therapy, Multi-dimension?

All four of these treatment protocols have been coded and are in the database. You can search each one for the common elements that were identified by the PracticeWise coding procedures. You can also see a summary of the evidence for each protocol.

What kinds of studies are included in the PWEBS application?

The PWEBS application reports the results of Randomized Clinical Trials. The database includes other types of study designs, but they are not currently made available for reporting.

The addition of reporting for alternative study designs is a planned longer-term enhancement to the PWEBS.

Does the PWEBS include studies of adults as well as children?

The majority of PracticeWise Evidence-based services (PWEBS) database is focused on students with youth under the age of 18 years as primary participants. We are beginning to incorporate studies with transitional age youth (under age 28) in PWEBS.

Can I search for comorbid problems from the Youth Characteristics page?

If multiple problem areas are selected on the Search by Youth Characteristics page, the summary report will include studies that targeted any of the problems selected, not studies that targeted all of the problems selected.

However, information about comorbid problems may be viewed through the Treatment Protocol Summary and the Research Paper Summary reports.

Can I suggest that a research paper be included in the PWEBS database?

Yes, please email the citation to [email protected]

PracticeWise is continually coding the literature and is always looking to identify research studies that may have been missed in the ongoing review.

Many studies that are nominated and coded may not ultimately make it into the reporting application because they fail to meet the quality standards that PracticeWise applies during the coding process.

When doing a basic search under the “Youth Treatments” tab, what is the relationship between “age” and “grade?”

Age and grade are independent and represent information that is actually reported in the studies. Therefore, searching by age will only retrieve articles that actually report age and searching by grade will only retrieve articles that actually report grade. Selecting both age and grade will retrieve results of studies that report both age and grade, so that two criteria search will yield more narrow results than using either criteria in isolation.

PracticeWise is currently evaluating algorithms to estimate age from grade to expand the relevance of an age-based search (at the expense of losing veridicality to the actual research paper reports), but this has not yet been implemented.

Where can I find a summary of the topics covered in the MAP Direct Services Training Series?

Please download the MAP Direct Services Workshop Overview for a sample agenda for the typical 5-day workshop that kicks off the MAP Direct Services Training Series.

Do you offer discounts for groups with multiple interested users?

Yes, download our Order Form for current rates and enrollment procedures. Please send an email to [email protected] if you have any remaining questions.

Do subscriptions to PracticeWise services automatically renew?

No. When you purchase a subscription, you have the option of indicating whether you would like to receive a reminder email when your subscription is about to expire. However, you will need to manually extend your subscription through the My Services screen.

How do I sign up for an individual subscription to a PracticeWise service?

You will first need to register with PracticeWise by clicking the Join Now link on the home page. Once you are a registered member, you can login using your ID and password, at which point you can then browse and shop for products on the home page, or select items from the Store menu.

Are there specific hardware or software requirements to use PracticeWise services?

PracticeWise’s online services are accessed through a Web Browser, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc. If you are able to read this FAQ page, you should have everything that you need to use all of the online services.

Java script must be enabled on the browser to benefit from some of the specific features, such as the PWEBS online help, but this is typically enabled as a standard feature of modern web browsers.

Do you offer a free trial, daily rate, or other way to browse the system?

We offer a one-day subscription for $17.00 for the PracticeWise Evidence-Based Services (PWEBS) data. After logging into your account, select Store > Purchase PWEBS Subscription and choose the PWEBS Daily Access plan.

Because our other services allow users to download the materials to their local machine, we only offer an annual subscription rate, not a daily rate. You may view online examples of the products for the Practitioner Guides and Clinical Dashboards.

We are also happy to answer your additional questions if you send an email to [email protected]