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Strengthen state or federally-funded children’s mental health services with cost effective evidence-informed products, tools, and training

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Efficiently Train and Maximize Provider Capabilities Within and Across Large Networks

Since 2004, we have worked with many state and federal mental health agencies, including social services, child welfare, juvenile justice, military, and education to help them use evidence to efficiently and effectively implement treatment plans. This benefits children, their families, and the entire community.

"The experience of becoming a MAP Training Professional and being able to share that knowledge with other clinicians in the state has been very rewarding. Not only is MAP an effective model that’s helpful in my treatments, but the training process and additional consultations from PracticeWise have made me a better clinician. It’s exciting to talk about MAP and to know I’m helping other clinicians as well as the children we treat."
Melissa Sovak, PsyD, LP
Outpatient Psychologist
MAP Training Professional
Washburn Center for Children, Minneapolis, MN

Products and Training

Get Proven Solutions for Various Government Agencies

Access evidence-based frameworks that help providers take into account current issues and other contextual factors that impact youth facing behavioral and mental health challenges.


Toolkit of Primary Support Resources Managing and Adapting Practice (MAP)

MAP is a framework and suite of our primary tools. They guide evidence-informed decision-making, delivery, supervision, consultation, and quality management of mental health services for children and adolescents.

The MAP system was designed to improve outcomes and quality of care. It achieves this through structured collaboration and a framework for coordinating individuals and information to effectively answer key questions. MAP provides the ability to guide decisions across a diverse service array, varying degrees of care across populations, and health care settings.

MAP Resources Bundle Includes:


PracticeWise Evidence-Based Services (PWEBS) Database

The most comprehensive searchable database of evidence-based treatment summaries available; covers eleven treatment targets including anxiety, depression, trauma, and more.

Practitioner Guides

Our Practitioner Guides consist of materials to facilitate planning and service delivery including an extensive selection of how-to guides for interventions commonly found in evidence-based treatments for youth. With their easy-to-follow checklist format, these two-page guides include details to facilitate learning for those unfamiliar with the practice and a checklist format for those who need a quick refresher.

Track Progress With Clinical Dashboards

Intuitive, easy to use, Excel™ based tools that help with both planning and monitoring by providing real-time feedback for systems, providers, youth and families about what is happening in treatment and how well it is working.

Evidence-based TREATMENT

Modular Approach to Therapy for Children (MATCH-ADTC)

This is our modular evidence-based treatment for youth with anxiety, depression, trauma, or conduct (disruptive behavior). It has been used in multiple settings, including community mental health centers and agencies, schools, residential programs, and home-based services. Comprehensive flowcharts guide the process of care, streamlining treatment to fit the child’s needs while fostering individualization to address comorbidity or therapeutic roadblocks.

The MATCH-ADTC Protocol Includes:

Training for Mental Health Counselors

Professional Development Programs


Managing and Adapting Practice Professional Development

One key way that we help solve implementation and sustainability issues is through our train-the-trainer model.

Our practical, cost-effective train-the-trainer approach streamlines training and the staff professional development process at the provider, supervisor, and administrator levels. The first step in this train-the-trainer pathways is becoming a MAP Therapist. MAP Therapists are better equipped to deliver individualized evidence-informed care efficiently and effectively.


Modular Approach to Therapy for Children Professional Development

The MATCH Professional Development Program helps individuals develop proficiency in the selection, organization, and delivery of common practices used in evidence-based treatments in order to improve their direct services to clients.

The program also offers training for those who wish to provide supervision, consultation, or training in the MATCH protocol. The MATCH Professional Development Program can foster varying levels of development, depending on the role a professional is intended to serve within their organization.

Case Study

PracticeWise Partnership With Minnesota Strengthens Children’s Mental Health Services Statewide

Minnesota Department of Human Services (MNDHS) needed to train and strengthen the capabilities of its clinicians across the state by leveraging research and evidence so that offered services would be based on what is known to work. MNDHS approached PracticeWise to help the organization find efficient and cost-effective solutions.

Highlights of Results:

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