MAP Engagement System

A valuable resource designed to monitor and strengthen treatment engagement

The MAP Engagement System includes the MAP Engagement Worksheet and 11 Practice Guides.

Engagement Matters

Engagement is at the core of successful mental health services. However, national survey findings suggest that only one-third of youths with mental health needs access services, and many terminate treatment prematurely. We believe it’s time to change this narrative and ensure that every individual gets the support they deserve.

The MAP Engagement System

The MAP Engagement System includes the MAP Engagement Worksheet and 11 Practice Guides. The MAP Engagement Worksheet includes prompts to help you identify and prioritize engagement challenges as well as a summary of practices based in research that can help address these challenges. Each 2-page Practice Guide provides efficient instructions for how to carry out each engagement practice. The system is rooted in decades of research across a variety of contexts and clinical populations. It is your roadmap to fostering stronger connections with clients, ensuring they stay engaged, and achieving better outcomes.

Why Get the MAP Engagement System?

Identify and Address Engagement Concerns Early

Gain the ability to proactively identify and address youth and family engagement concerns before they significantly interfere with treatment.

Increase Access to Effective Engagement Interventions

Much of the knowledge about effective engagement intervention is often challenging for providers to access. This system helps bridge the gap between valuable scientific knowledge and front-line practice.

Empower Informed Decision-Making

The MAP Engagement System equips you with solutions and a structured process for thinking through which approaches might be best suited for your client’s specific engagement concerns, empowering you with autonomy in decision-making.

Get Online Access Now

You can access a 1-year online subscription to the MAP Engagement System for $25