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We offer multiple resources, including sample syllabi, free self-guided videos, and PowerPoint slide presentations that can be presented as standalone content or easily coordinated with existing curriculum.

Equip students for the future with our primary tools:

PracticeWise Evidence-Based Services (PWEBS) Research Database

The most comprehensive database of evidence-based treatment summaries available; covers eleven treatment targets including anxiety, depression, trauma, and more.

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Practitioner Guides

Our Practitioner Guides consist of materials to facilitate planning and service delivery including an extensive selection of ‘how to’ guides for interventions commonly found in evidence-based treatments for youth. With their easy-to-follow checklist format, these two-page guides include details to facilitate learning for those unfamiliar with the practice and a checklist format for those who need a quick refresher.

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Track Progress With Clinical Dashboards

Intuitive, easy to use, Excel™ based tools that help with both planning and monitoring by providing real-time feedback for systems, providers, youth and families about what is happening in treatment and how well it is working.

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Expand access to evidenced-based tools to advance the careers of students and assist in planning curricula.

Access Resources to Integrate Into Your Existing Curriculum and Lesson Plans

Provide Students With Broad Clinical Skills

Empower Students With Marketable Skills to Advance Their Career

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Students can create an account below to access discounted student subscriptions to our range of products and tools, including our PracticeWise Evidence-Based Services (PWEBS) Database, Clinical Dashboards, Practitioner Guides, and Modular Approach to Therapy for Children with Anxiety, Depression, Trauma or Conduct (MATCH-ADTC).


Here you can find publications that provide an overview to our approach for developing MAP, MATCH-ADTC, and other primary resources offered by PracticeWise.

Case Study

University of Southern California (USC) Implemented MAP in an Innovative New Approach to Social Work Education

Looking to revamp curriculum and incorporating a more scientific approach, USC provided students with practical skills that would make them more marketable in an easy-to-follow framework with a unique set of resources.

Highlights of Results:


"Incorporating MAP into our curriculum has allowed students to become proficient with a concrete, evidence-informed toolkit, thereby diversifying their interventions with clients and increasing their clinical confidence."
Lily Ross, LCSW - Senior Lecturer
Department of Children, Youth and Families,
Suzanne Dwork-Peck School of Social Work, University of Southern California

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