Practitioner Guides

Easy to follow 'How -To Guides' for before, during, and after treatment


Practitioner Guides include both Practice Guides and Process Guides

What is a Practice Guide?

A Practice Guide provides instructions on how to implement a common intervention strategy. Each practice is summarized in a brief 2-page checklist format that efficiently describes the steps and information needed to carry out that intervention strategy.

Practice Guides can be used individually or together in a tailored sequence to individualize treatment.

With Practice Guides, you can have confidence that by following the instructions, you are delivering the practice in a manner similar to what was shown to work in research studies.

Why Use a Practice Guide?

1. Learn

The checklist format provides a quick and convenient way to learn the main steps of a specific intervention strategy.  To learn a new practice, you can read through a guide, discuss the steps with colleagues or supervisors, and practice applying the guide with youth.

2. Refresh

Practice Guides are useful for refreshing your knowledge about practices you have already learned but have not used in a while. For example, you can use the guide to remind yourself how to deliver the material as you prepare to meet with a youth for a therapy session.

3. Prompt

The guides can also be used to prompt remembering the steps included in the practice during a session. For example, you might bring a checklist of the steps to a session as a reminder of the steps included in the practice you are covering that day.

4. Reflect

After a session, you can similarly use the guide to help yourself reflect on your performance in terms of the material that was covered and which aspects might have been missed in an effort to improve your skills delivering that practice in the future.

5. Evaluate

Lastly, Practice Guides can be used to more formally evaluate how closely a provider followed the recommended steps of a treatment. For example, a supervisor and provider may review a guide together after a session to evaluate how well the steps were covered, identify those that were not, and discuss what went well and what can be improved upon when the guide is used again.

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